Hello, my name is André Michel Pozos Nieto

Full-stack JavaScript Developer | Android Developer

Officially Computer systems engineer

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About me

I am a full stack developer with many developed projects throughout my career as an engineer. Currently, I am working for obtaining work experience. In my free time, I usually read, take courses, and learn new things.

I become graduated from Instituto Politécnico Nacional on December 2019. During my career, I learnt about Java and C, however, I decided to become a self-taught developer and I learnt JavaScript, MongoDB and Android, as well as take full advantage of my different courses such as communication, finances, leadership, business management and business administration.

My side-projects.

I have many projects that I do in my free time. My goal is to release them as soon as possible.


Web app with math lessons for students from high school. Developed in collaboration with a mathematics teacher, this app provides exercises and examinations that can be solved by the students from their computers or mobile phones. The app has traditional exams, time-limit exams, diagnostic exams, numeric evaluations and also tutorials for some topics.

All the exercises and examinations are based on many programs owned by the professor previously developed in QBasic. The app was developed using Vue.js and Materialize in Front-End, Node.js, Express and MongoDB in Back-end, has a bucket storage in Firebase and it's deployed to Heroku.

Status: production


An app for Android with augmented reality for interior decoration. This app can place furniture, ornament and more in any room thanks to the AR. It also allows to contact with product vendors, as well as create a budget with all the products placed.

Developed in collaboration with 2 classmates over 1 year, it was our final career project. Developed with ARCore, Kotlin and Android Jetpack.

Status: on pause


An Android app that allows to set alarms before or after local sunrise. It allows to customize alarm's ringtone, offset time and snooze time. Also, it remembers when and how many times you hit snooze.

I developed this app by myself, it was developed with Kotlin and Android Jetpack.

Status: under development

My personal blogs

I love to share all the knowledge I get. I just write new posts when I get inspired.

Let's get in touch!

I check my accounts daily, mostly Twitter and my e-mail.

More experience

These are some school projects that I really feel proud of. Many of them helped me to grow professionally during my career as computer systems engineer as well as many courses that I have completed after university.

School projects

  • Prelego: it allows to video chat over WebRTC. Project for a class named Applications for network communications. This is the only project that I developed by myself.
  • Leda: a chatbot that offers psychological counseling. Developed during Local Hack Day 2018 (2nd place).
  • SmartStock: An Android app to make an inventory of anything. Project for a class named Software Engineering for Mobile Devices.
  • MSS: Project for a class named algorithm analysis with the purpose of teaching the Maximum Subarray Sum algorithm.
  • SRW: an app to manually fragment a database. Project for a class named Distributed Database.